Don’t want to make your own bone broth?

Are you wanting to enjoy the benefits of bone broth, but don’t have time to make your own?  I completely understand.  As much as I do enjoy making my own bone broth, I don’t always have time, but I do want to enjoy the benefits and flavor that come with a nice cup of bone broth.

I have started using Vital Proteins collagen products over the past year and am enjoying the benefits of consuming collagen on a regular basis.  Vital Proteins recently introduce the 1st USDA Organic Bone Broth powder.  It’s a great option for anyone looking for the benefits of nutrient rich bone broth in an easy-to-use powder.

The Organic Free Range Chicken Bone Broth has a neutral flavor that mixes easily into water, savory beverages and recipes.

Add this staple into your healthy kitchen!






  • Emese says:

    I enjoy consuming bone broth! It has reduced my
    arthritis and joint pain a good deal. I used to be sensitive to certain food types.
    I feel that the bone broth has helped my digestion. What do you think about mixing it
    with a resveratrol capsule for even more health benefits?

    • LainiGray says:

      So glad you are enjoying the health benefits of consuming bone broth. You can definitely add other super nutrients into your broth, like resveratrol!

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